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From our offices in Swindon, we are a leading supplier of automation and control technologies in the home. We have made a name for ourselves providing our customers with the latest technology to hit the market. Whether you want to boost your home security with a CCTV system, integrate your thermostat into a smart setup, or create a fully automated lighting system, we have everything you need.

We are also your one-stop shop for a bespoke home cinema and entertainment system. Since 2014, SOFOL has been providing state of the art, innovative home entertainment solutions tailored to any requirement. Over the past few years we have spread across the UK, and today our services are available to customers throughout the country.

We work in partnership with qualified electricians to deliver the best results possible and, as certified Control4 dealers, we are able to provide our customers with the very best home automation systems available.

Smart Automation

Imagine being able to remotely control your entire home, from your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

Just the press of a button can put your house to sleep, turning off lights, music, heating and even shutting the garage door. Or put your cinema room or lounge into movie mode, turning on the television, dimming the lights, increasing the heating and closing the blinds.

These are just some of the possibilities using products from a range of different manufacturers such as Control4, EnGenius, Lilin, HDAnywhere, WyreStorm, HEOS, Triad, QMotion, Fibaro, and X10.

SOFOL are a leading Wiltshire home automation systems supplier, for a variety of functions. We offer a bespoke installation service that can cater for any need and as an authorised Control4 dealer in South England, we have access to some of the best technology on the market.

Whatever your requirements, please get in touch with us for a free quotation. You can also book a live demonstration in our Swindon smart home.

Distributed Multi-Room Entertainment

What does multi-room entertainment actually mean?

Well, imagine being able to distribute audio and video sources into multiple rooms throughout your home simultaneously, creating one single home entertainment system. Sit back and relax listening to your favourite music or watch your favourite movie in any room you choose. Reduce clutter and excess appliances by controlling the entire system directly from your smartphone.

Audio-visual systems and components are designed with discretion in mind; they can blend seamlessly with your home interior, regardless of the furnishing and style. All control can be centralised, either to a smartphone, tablet or configurable keypad. Get in touch today to discuss the ideal home entertainment solution for your home.

Home Cinema Room

Home Theatre Systems

SOFOL offer a custom home cinema installation service that can be tailored to any space.

Whether you would like a fully dedicated cinema room, or a discreet design to compliment your living room, SOFOL have the expertise to design the perfect home entertainment solution. We take into consideration the size of the room, correct lighting, and appropriate sound, to deliver the ideal home cinema environment. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements for the perfect automated home entertainment system.

Lighting Control

Integrated retro-fit lighting.

SOFOL have all your bases covered when it comes to lighting control: retro-fit lighting to an existing property and integrate it with Amazon Alexa or Google Home; or install a fully intelligent network-based automated lighting control system to create mood-defining lighting scenes. We can set up the right lighting automation solution for you. SOFOL also recognise that lighting design is just as important as control. Transform the look and atmosphere of your home with the correct automated lighting system. Careful specification, design and efficiency combine to create that perfect effect, and make your space come to life. SOFOL are partnered with fully qualified electricians to provide you with a completely bespoke service.


Set it and forget it.

Change the way you heat or cool your home. Take the ‘set it and forget it’ approach and integrate automated thermostats into your home automation environment so that separate rooms can be controlled and set via scenes. Colder than you expected on the way back from the airport? Use your smartphone to turn the temperature up so your house is nice and toastie on your arrival.


Your home is safe and secure.

It’s comforting knowing your home and family are safe and secure. Smart technology can ensure you are alerted when any locks are opened, or fire / smoke detectors are activated. You can also use lighting schedules to automate scenes that fluctuate, making your house appear occupied when empty and deterring intruders. CCTV cameras can be integrated, and footage stored in the cloud to ensure it cannot be compromised or destroyed locally. Use your smartphone or tablet to manage and control all of these features and more, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. Give SOFOL a call today for further information on our security home automation packages.

+ Extras

Integrate additional devices.

SOFOL can also help integrate a number of other devices to your home automation system, including: CCTV • QMotion blinds and shades • Garden sprinkler systems • Gates & intercom systems • Sonos Music Distribution.

We can also integrate virtual assistant products such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home into your solution. Voice commands allow you to set scenes and schedules, complimenting everyday convenience.

Contact us today to discuss your home’s potential for a complete home automation system

Whatever your requirements, please get in touch with us for a free quotation. You can also book a live demonstration in our Swindon smart home.


We are a technology company in the south west of England offering customers Home Automation and Audio-Visual Solutions.

With more than 20 years experience in technology and integration, SOFOL offers exceptional service and technical advice. Please get in touch to find out how SOFOL can help you achieve your goals.


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